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icons | two hundred and fifteen.

150 | buffy the vampire slayer
065 | pretty guardian sailor moon

NOTE ➪ The PGSM icons were made from caps of the low quality .avi files I acquired back in 2004, so quality is not the best. :(

  ► please credit to <user name="insomniatic">
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Obv taking Faith and Giles <333
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/snatches up icons eagerly!
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I am interested in all form of Sailor Moon icons! Reconquista would be awesome. (I will probably hit your request post again once new anime is around, too.)

Edit: Also, if you ever do any more PGSM, especially Darkury, make sure to ping me, please? I have been loving these.
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Seems your server is down, I can't see the icons. Will try to check them later when they are back.
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Yay, they are back! Going to get me some Buffy and Spike icons, thank you!
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PGSM is not my favorite SM adaptation, but these icons are perfection. I may steal some Usagi ones!